Indigo Airlines: A Low Cost Airline with Excellent Services

Indigo Airlines is a low cost airline, founded in the year 2006, and perhaps the only airline making good profits. With its low cost target, it has the second largest share in India’s domestic air travel market. Indigo operates in 31 destinations in India and abroad with 313 flights each day. With just one class of economy, and in keeping with its mission of low cost travel, it offers only mineral water to its passengers. Snacks, meal and drinks are offered on board as a buy on board option.

There is no in-flight entertainment systems, and it offers only a simple fare scheme such as charging one way ticket half that of round trips. Fares increase as the flight fills up, so early reservations are advantageous. The price policy of Indigo is very dynamic, offering discounts and promotions. The advertised price unlike other airlines does not include taxes and other charges. Perhaps, 10 percent of the seats are offered at the lowest prices and are the first to sell and prices increase steadily after that.

Indigo Airlines has redefined flying for common man. With a strict policy of flying in time, they have won the trust of many. Indigo Airlines online booking website offers convenience of booking from anytime, anywhere. The website offers services like reservations, cancellations, rescheduling, flight schedule, flight information, seat arrangements etc besides discounts and special schemes. They commit quality through best staff trained to provide maximum convenience to the travelers.


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